Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preparing for hull join

I laminated all the remaining join reinforcements to the dagger board case. Then I used this set up to make the keel insert. Then cut the slot in the insert for the dagger board.

Builder's tip: I did not clamp the case against a flat surface during joining. This resulted in an approximately 4mm twist in the case. This was quite easy to correct when glueing the case into the hull half, but it would of course be better to avoid.

I put the port half on top again to pre-fit the bob stay anchor, bulkheads and daggerboard case.

Glued in the internal foam strips in the bow area.

Made the hull cut backs for the dagger board case

Glued in the aft bunk bulkhead

Dagger board case with 4 mm twist being pre-fitted.

And then I glued in the dagger board case. This picture also shows the cut out in the keel insert. I glued the keel side one day, then at the deck the next day, in order to be able to correct the twist mentioned above.

Then I made the aft bunk glueing flange.

Still a lot of small things to do before joining. I also ordered more epoxy, peel ply and inspection hatches, as well as I bought Bomar deck hatches for the deck and aft cabin.

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