Sunday, January 29, 2012


Due to work load and weather, not much have been done for a while.  The 3 m tiller extention weighed in at 380 grams and is more than sufficient rigid, but I think I will add a 45/45 biaxial sleeve for longevity.

I have been trying to get all the electronics talking together, which has proven to be a tough task.  I have the Nexus NX2 system, a Lowrance HDS 8m plotter, a Garmin HVS 17X GPS antenna, a VHF radio with built in AIS receiver and a ST 2000+ tiller pilot.  They are all supposed to speak NMEA 0183 but it seems there are a bit different dialects.  My solution, as it seems right now, will be a ShipModul Miniplex-2E, partly because I also want to create a WiFi zone to transmit data to iRegatta. As I would like to transmit to several units, as far as I have been able to establish, I will have to set up a router, and one with an external antenna as the carbon hull will effectively block the signals.

Another thing I have spent some time pondering about is where to place the different units.  Should the plotter be bulkhead mounted or on some sort of arm?  Where would the Nexus instruments be then?  The compass should be on it's own to avoid interference.  Everything should be viewable from everywhere.  Obviously some compromise have to be done. This is what I think:  The compass on the starboard side.  The plotter on port side.  The Nexus instruments either on the pop top, it would need a cowling about 40mm high to make room, or on some sort of pod like the F-32SR Jailbreak.

Hopefully things will soon start to happen, I'm really looking forward to start the season.  However, the snow is still safe with temperatures tending to stiffen water significantly.  I will probably have access to a large heated room and will try to get the mast faired and painted during week 7. Not many heated workshops are 11m or more long......

Inputs on the above appreciated, as always!