Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Checking what kind of space is left between the float and main hull. It's going to be tight whether a fuller float or any kind of foil but a retractable C-foil.

Sorry about the 500 km road dirt.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Storm damages

The storm Wednesday morning left some damages to my boat.  The way things looked inside the boat suggests there were extreme conditions.  Tools and equipment were thrown around inside the boat in such a degree it is hard to imagine it would be possible.  I think the only way is to move to more protected waters, and I have already filed a request for refund of my deposit at this marina.  My camera is lost, the new phone I got with a good camera is on 200m depth after a wild spinnaker gybe, so the pictures are of lousy quality.

The rudder case must have been under the dock.  Also, paint on the engine cover suggests enormous movements of the dock and the boat.

Float stern must have been under the outrigger

Outrigger obviously hit the float side above the fender really hard.  The picture doesn't tell well, but there are several cracks in the laminate, and a whole bunch of buckles all over the side, above the fender positions that is.

Another crack further forward on the float

Really don't know what to do.  Inside laminate seems to be undamaged.  Probably will cover all the cracks with adhesive tape and sail the rest of the season.   Then fix or rebuild.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Short update on various subjects

 At the dock, checking the fit of the re cut screecher

 Some details of the mast and rigging

From the local distance race "Ytterøya rundt".  Very light conditions as shown.  We were the only boat to finish within time limits.

First, I have not stopped sailing, but have been unable to take any pictures of interest for a very long time, and the time has been very limited, so sailing have been prioritized over postings here.  I am not unwilling to share my experience, but have been rather unable.

I calibrated the instruments and it seems like the correct speed during the first sail was 22,5 knots.

I finished the toilet and it works.

I was able to get an electrical panel in and it works.

The solar panel have been connected trough a Genasun MPPT controller and this works very well.

My engine was stolen. I spent a month trying to find a lighter alternative that still had sufficient power, remote control and DC outlet.  I ended up with the standard long shaft Yamaha 8 upgraded with dual trust propeller once again. In the mean time, I used my Yamaha 2,5 four stroke at 17 kg.  I drove the boat at close to 6 knots on calm water, me suspended from the stern to provide water for the propeller.  Absolutely horrible to control in a tight harbour with crosswinds though. And took hours of vibrations and noise to get back home when the wind died. Unfortunately, two strokes are not allowed in Europe, a two cylinder 6 or 8 would be a good alternative I think.

I have done some racing.  The results have been as well as could be expected I think, and are still improving.  Had some issues with light air performance in the beginning of the season but after re cutting the screecher and doing some more modifications, and more practice, I now consistently perform very well in light conditions.

In moderate air I feel I run out of forward buoyancy too soon when ever I sail deeper than close hauled. The boat seems otherwise to have a lot more potential.  Or I need a lot of crew on the stern, or water ballast.  I've stuffed the bows pretty seriously several times, single or short handed mostly, but the boat behaves very well and comes up and accelerates as soon as it is finished plowing.

We had a storm last night and the port float suffered substantial damages.  Maybe this will lead to modified floats for next season?

More to come as time permits