Monday, June 17, 2013

Curved lifting foils

The F-85SR float lifting foil cases adapted for F-22R have been ordered

Back in the workshop

No available time nor energy for a while, but I am finally back in the workshop and will push on to get the boat on the water in time for our local event late August.

I will close off the water ballast tank with a sheet of plexi.  Will facilitate inspection, to learn if the system works.

Stairs painted and finshed.  I also choosed to paint the main bulkhead inside.  I use a cheap two part polyurethane paint.  No preparations other than removing the peel ply and a quick sand.

Water.  I use a 10 litre removable plastic tank with a tap.  Sits on a shelf in the backrest, and will be secured with a webbing.  Extra water can be carried in another 10 litre can under bunk next to daggerboard case.

Yesterday I started to glue the "mousefur".  Starboard settee back covered.  Suddenly the feel of the interior shifted from workshop to a cruising multihull.

Today I worked on the port side "mouse fur".  I use a water based wall glue, it is supposed to be adapted for a lot of difficult materials, time will show how it keeps up.  First, glue spread out with a trowel with 2mm fine grooves.

Mouse fur attached after about one hour of pre drying time. I didn't bother to remove the switches and stuff from the electrical panel when painting, so will have to do this later.  I made a removable table for the lap top next to the electrical panel.  I am able to log all data from the Nexus system, and the plan is to use these data to make a polar diagram.

Starting to look like a boat interior.  I am still to decide on storage solutions for the area in front of the front beam bulkhead, and this will not be finished further for now.  Would be nice to have some cushions made though.

And the ceiling.  Not looking forward to this, but will certainly be important to make it a bit cosier.  Will see if this is done now or postponed to a later time.  I am thinking of making some hand rails, and it would probably be wise to get the "mouse fur" in before those are mounted.