Sunday, December 16, 2007

Report from the construction site

The floor turned out OK. When it comes to epoxy coating, it turns out that concrete is supposed to dry for a week each cm before painting which in my case is three months....

The inner part of the floor was so elevated that I had to deal with this part separately, mixing concrete by hand and spreading out to get an even, brush able surface. Quite some work. Seems to turn out OK that part as well, I'm afraid it might crack though, as it is a quite thin layer and no reinforcements.

We also installed a door to the large room and this has helped keeping the temperature up.

I am currently improving the electrical installations. I am also drying out the air and heating to speed up the concrete.

The inner part of the floor has to be covered by plastic to prevent it from curing to fast (it is still quite fresh).

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