Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Nice items arrives by mail

I received Plan Book 2 from Ian Farrier the other day, new exciting information such as a confirmation that the trailer I bought is way over kill :-). Actually I knew when I bought it and I don't think it is a problem, on the contrary it probably will be very comfortable on the road.

I also received an item that I spent a lot of time trying to find out if actually existed when I rebuilt the interior of Frimann some years ago. At the time I never found evidence that such a product was available on the market. I am talking about a two burner kerosene stove for marine use. I ended up buying a Wallas (two plate model) for Frimann, it is nice when you have plenty of currency to light it up as there are no fumes inside the boat, moderate (but adequate) effect, and a disaster when you really need that cup of hot soup on a cold and rainy day with winds in the thirties (knots, that is) and it won't start because the battery is not top charged.

During the Holidays my brother in law, knowing my preferences for kerosene heaters, evolved during my years in the armed forces experiencing the Optimus 111 as the best friend a man in a tent with -20 °C and a meter of snow can get, did some skillful internet searches and returned this link. I ordered momentarily and it arrived today. He came over and we made a nice cup of coffee on it.

This is allegedly a model that has never been available on the open market, made in 1991 especially for the Swedish Navy. It has a 1,5 liter tank, two burners of 2.400W each, consumption of 0,5l/hour with both burners on full effect. It was delivered with a spare burner and a comprehensive spare parts box. A wonderful piece of KISS machinery!

The model is called Optimus 155W, I found an interesting homepage about this burner, probably on the subject maintenance although I was not able to interpret the content. It seems as it is also available in Germany at a ridiculously low price!

To the right in the picture you can see the Swedish "Tre kronor" (also the name of the Swedish National hockey team).

I also painted the third and last epoxy coat on the workshop floor today, now moving in ASAP!

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