Friday, April 25, 2008

Finishing centerboard for Frimann

By the way, in the "Summer in Norway" picture to the right I am hanging from Frimann and the Avance 24 "Ocean Explorer IV" at Gråøya in the Oslo Fjord.

Fairing the board. Focus on the foil section. The rest of the board just for filling the glass structure.

When clamped to the end of the table it is possible to add a new layer of fairing compound to both sides in one operation.

After (fast and slightly) fairing the board was epoxy coated using roll and tip technique.

Some imperfections revealed with shiny surface but I decided it was good enough.

Then I made a "paint box" in the workshop. I bolted wooden stringers to the ceiling and stapled a plastic film to this hanging all the way down to the floor. Three walls like this and using the concrete wall as the fourth one. Then a "forensic suit" and carbon filter mask.

By hanging the board from three hooks in the ceiling the board hung quite steady and was accessible from all sides.

After a quick run with 360 grit wet paper the "Biltema" LPU paint was applied using a regular compressed air paint gun (5 lbs). I have very little experience with this kind of equipment and none with LPU paint and this painting session is to be regarded as a testing/training session, this implies I had to add paint until running to find out how thick layers it is not possible to apply....

The foil section ended up remarkably nice though.

And last, the leading edge.

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