Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today I braced up the form frames so everything seemed stable and then started with the battens. First I recycled the battens from the floats, then I had to start using the extra one I got made (not standard dimensions, had to order them specially made), but I ran out of screws before I got the chance to fit them all. I will run out of battens quite soon so I'll have to go to the shop tomorrow.
Started out at the keel line, extra batten to support the HD insert along keel:

Twisting a batten at the bow:

I'm done up to the water line:


Tor Rabe said...

Battens seems to be hard to get. They have to be from some kind of quite flexible wood and the right dimension. The guy at the sawmill(?) that made the first 70m is on a holiday and he seems to be the only one who can provide me with the right stuff. Guess the main hull will have to wait until he's back.....

Trifun said...

Hi Tor

I use MDF battens. I got a 19mm MDF sheet cutted into stripes and glued 3 together with an 1:10 overlap.
So i got nice flixible but strong battens