Saturday, September 20, 2008

More foam planking

The result of my saturday evening party seems to be very satisfactory. Here is a couple of close-ups of the laminate, this is at the transom;

And some shots of the hull side:

I have started planking the deck and the "above gunwhale area". Several joints in the front end has lead to a quite slow progress, also because I have not been able to spend much time building due to other obligations. Always a problem.

And I went hunting with a good friend from my days as a student at the University of Oslo

A bit more planking:

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Build or buy?

If you want to sail you should definitely buy one. Especially if you are not loaded and thus have to work to make money. The problem with building your own boat is that you will probably never feel that you can spend as much time building as you would like in order to make reasonable progress. However, I enjoy the building process and to me it is an old dream coming through being able to build my own boat.
Anyway, I've been able to put in a few hours every once in a while and here is a presentation of the last months progress.

Vertical foam planking using 30 cm wide strips. I heat the foam with a heat gun, using a modified "Loss of Resistance" method. This is fast and easy and I am able to heat the foam enough but avoid to overheat it.

Then I had to make more battens.

Figuring out what the underwater hull will look like. I like the image...

In the bow and aft it is possible to bend the foam all the way from keel line to gunwhale

A hard bend at the front beam calls for an extra "frame" and separate battens fore and aft of this point.

The foam is kept in place with approximately 1000 Würth Assy 5x30 screws with a 2 mm thick washer.

Slowly progressing towards a full hull side....