Saturday, September 20, 2008

More foam planking

The result of my saturday evening party seems to be very satisfactory. Here is a couple of close-ups of the laminate, this is at the transom;

And some shots of the hull side:

I have started planking the deck and the "above gunwhale area". Several joints in the front end has lead to a quite slow progress, also because I have not been able to spend much time building due to other obligations. Always a problem.

And I went hunting with a good friend from my days as a student at the University of Oslo

A bit more planking:


Dag said...

I look forward to some update!!

Tor Rabe said...

Thank you for asking!

These last couple of weeks I've been working 60+ hours/week, I built a carport for my wife's electrical car and I took the driver's licence for a small truck and trailer (12.000 kg). Further I managed to finish planking the cabin roof but forgot to bring the camera, my son lost his two front teeth (not traumatic, he is 5 years old, he's supposed to loose them) and I attended a total hip replacement surgery meeting in Bergen.

I hope I will be able to build a boat soon!

Dag said...

Didn't meen to be frekk.

You are doing a great job!! I just love to see some progress in your boatbuild.

But thanks for the update:)

Tor Rabe said...

You were not frekk, you just hit a ømt punkt...