Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making smaller parts

While waiting for the hull to cure, while the heater is still not working properly, before starting working inside it, I have been working on some of the small parts to be mounted in the hull. When starting to plank the anchor locker I found out that I was almost totally out of unperforated core. I used some leftovers from the Frimann centreboard making. It ended up with a lot of small patches, here the joins curing under some stabilizing pressure.

Another view

Laminating outside using the poor man's vacuum bagging and basic principles described by Isaac Newton. Using a plastic sheet over the peel ply worked great.

The daggerboard case mould with raised areas for making glueing recesses and waxed with carnuba wax.

Resin infusion of a small test panel on the mould. I tried to put a thin layer of gel coat on the mould first, then dry lay up while the gel coat was gelling and regular infusion. Either the gel coat layer was to thin, or it was not satisfactory gelled, or something other did not work out, because the intended result, avoidance of numerous pin holes in the surface, did not occur. However, the epoxy impregnated and waxed mould worked perfect.

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