Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sailing. And some more building

Staale and I sailed Frimann from Levanger to Trondheim last Sunday. Reasonably nice weather, not freezing temperatures and we managed the whole trip on one port tack, starting with a double slotting reach in light air, ending double reefed and close hauled in 20+ knots on the nose and rough chop. Best possible medicine!!! No pictures due to technical problems with the bluetooth interface, I am sorry. This was the first time we rigged a sprit (klyverbom) on Frimann, and we flew the symmetrical spinnaker from the pole. Not optimal, but still very effective in the light conditions, sailing 8 - 10 knots in Beaufort 3-4.

Yesterday I managed to laminate parts of the deck-hull transition in the bow area, and today I flipped the hull to start preparing the underwing area of the hull. It is just these areas and the bow cap left now before the hull is laminated.

Quite a bit of fairing was needed to make this area fair. Rigid sanding board with 40 grit paper shown. I am not sure how big radius I want on the edge here, maybe a bit bigger than this.

An upside down 'portrait' of the main hull

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