Friday, September 07, 2012

Storm damages

The storm Wednesday morning left some damages to my boat.  The way things looked inside the boat suggests there were extreme conditions.  Tools and equipment were thrown around inside the boat in such a degree it is hard to imagine it would be possible.  I think the only way is to move to more protected waters, and I have already filed a request for refund of my deposit at this marina.  My camera is lost, the new phone I got with a good camera is on 200m depth after a wild spinnaker gybe, so the pictures are of lousy quality.

The rudder case must have been under the dock.  Also, paint on the engine cover suggests enormous movements of the dock and the boat.

Float stern must have been under the outrigger

Outrigger obviously hit the float side above the fender really hard.  The picture doesn't tell well, but there are several cracks in the laminate, and a whole bunch of buckles all over the side, above the fender positions that is.

Another crack further forward on the float

Really don't know what to do.  Inside laminate seems to be undamaged.  Probably will cover all the cracks with adhesive tape and sail the rest of the season.   Then fix or rebuild.


Dandy said...

Ouch, that is very unfortunate... Hopefully not too painful to repair.

Definitely get back on the water for the season, but once winter starts we would love to see more photos and write ups of your adventures over the summer.

F-22 #135

CrashGybe 22 said...

Hi Tor,
From my experience, the internal laminate will possibly be de-laminated from the core, but carbon is really flexible so if there are no cracks, it will just be the holes in the outer laminate.

It might not be that bad apart from the patches, fill, fair, paint drama that is to come. Might be a good time to discuss my plans for L Foils with you.


Tor Rabe said...

Thanks guys. I'm still in the think box for the repair. Quite a bit of filling is needed to fair the float side, but that's probably the way to go anyway. Think I might try to put in new foam at the worst places, that will make sure there is no delaminations to the inner skin as well. I'd love to discuss foils! And canting rig!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boat! What a shame to have all that damage. Here I am feeling sorry for myself for having to clean all the bird mess off mine because I have to tie up on a mooring, could be worse

Good luck with the repairs. I'm sure you'll having her looking great before next season.

Regards, Brian
N.E. Express
Narragansett Bay RI USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Tor , hope you don't miss too much of your summer . You say that the damage was caused by very violent motion - I think you may have to blame the wing mast for that as they generate very high lift very quickly when oriented correctly and would cause the large accelerations that threw the gear all over the boat . L foil idea sounds great ! . Cheers , Jim Buckland .

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks again everyone.

The wing mast have obviously caught some air, but was taking the wind from the trailing edge, so probably not too bad. The braking waves going over the docks have definitely also contributed.

Anonymous said...

Breaking waves over the dock ...... wow , change marinas ! Only get that sort of stuff here in cyclones . Cheers , Jim B.