Friday, February 01, 2008

Short report on bulkhead infusion

This is what the panel looked like the following day. The resin has a ten hour open time, so the resin continued to flow for quite a while after I left. It appears here to be a few dry spots, that is however only the peel ply and the laminate itself seems to be fully saturated.

Today I removed the bag and lifted the panel from the table. It was very well stuck despite several appliances of "Nor-slipp" wax, but I finally was able to lift it off the table using force x arm principles. This event also demonstrated the incredible stiffness in these materials, the whole panel, consisting of all four beam bulkheads, with peel ply left on weighing only 4,2 kg (9,2 pounds).
Picture showing the underside. The grooves and overlaps print through and is slightly visible:

I will be spending the nest week in a 1880's lodge, no power, no running water, so obviously no boat building nor blogging.

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