Sunday, October 05, 2008

Slow planking

Due to very little time available for boat building for a while the progress has been rather slow and people start mailing me and calling me to tell me so. So to avoid people pouring salt in my wounds here is a lot of pictures of very little progress. I guess I've spent somewhere between 2 and 4 hours a week building after the lamination. And I find it really time consuming to plank all the corners and junctions, and I try to plank as fair as possible to avoid excessive use of fairing compound at a later stage....

Just a little bit of planking left now, and a few high density inserts. I plan to rig the boat with a self tacking jib, and I don't think I will make inserts for the jib sheet tracks. Some of the inserts may be made by routing out the foam and fill with high density filler before outer skin lamination. Time will show.


silas said...

c'mon, i also proposed access to a cnc machine as well as nagging, thats gotta count for something.

which, it sounds like we have a very good chance of getting.

Tor Rabe said...

I'm profoundly sorry if this post led to any kind of bad feelings! I am really interested in exploring what this machine can do in respect of enhancing sailing performance in our rather hostile waters in respect to climatic conditions! I'm just back from a week at the Adriatic coast, rather edifying actually, with the visit at Luigi's shipyard as a peak in that respect (watch Biol's blog), and now filled with energy to keep up the work. I'll be in contact sooner than you'll like!!

silas said...

no worries Tor, i was speaking tongue in cheek (not being very serious), something which doesn't come through very well in writing.

anyways, some planning to do but access to the cnc machine has been cleared as long as we don't get in the way of 'real' projects. now the question is how best to use it. one of the drawing guys at work built a 35ft catamaran some years ago.

his suggestion is mill two female mould halves, and then mill a set of matching foam blanks just slightly undersized (to allow for the skin) and with whatever needed recesses for extra unidirectional reinforcement. could also include alignment marks on the foam inserts. i wasn't clear on whether to layup and vacuum bag the skin and then the foam, or if you do it all in one shot. i think the idea was to do it all in one shot. anyways, something to do some reading about.