Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mile stone: Joining main hull halves

Not many pictures since the last update. Anyway, I have removed a lot of peel ply, pre-fitted the last bulkheads with a hot glue gun and lifted the port hull half off again. It's easy to lift one half single-handed and put a few pieces of scrap wood in between.

Then I filled and taped most of the the bulkhead joins. It is a bit demanding, but not impossible, to enter the aft cabin under the cockpit floor when the boat is on it's side.

Then Guttorm came by in my workshop and he was willing to lend me a couple of hands for a while so we decided to glue the two pieces together. We applied glue to the join surface and lifted the port half back down. Then worked a bit on the fine alignment, clamped all bulkhead joins and strapped the two halves together with four "jekkestropper" (straps used to secure cargo, equipped with a tightening ratchet) and finally removed all excess glue. Now the heat is on and it will be exciting to see how many clamps and pieces of wood and MDF we have managed to irreversible attach to the construction......

Here a top view of the cockpit, aft to the left.

After joining

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