Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Taping

The rest of the front area is taped except for the feared front bulkhead mentioned by Jim in his comment to my last post. Join area in the main cabin is prepared. There are small uneven areas along the join. I fill those with putty that is not allowed to fully cure before taping.

I also prepared the first bow foam layer, made in three parts. Thermo formed to fit hull shape.

Unidirectional carbon in the recessed area of the aft cabin bulkhead.

Now main cabin deck join and daggerboard to deck join taped

Foam glued in, kept in place with temporary screws.

After all the internal taping is done, most of what is left is in the aft cabin, I will continue with laminating all the internal local reinforcement areas and then the rest of the interior panels.

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