Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Starting deck lamination

I have made a little progress. First layer of carbon was applied to the main hatch coaming. This made the construction rigid enough to work the foam into the right shape and ready for the second layer.
This picture also shows a cardboard daggerboard and the HD foam inserts I made for a self tacking jib traveller. The problem with this idea was that I would get quite a slot between the jib and main due to the limitations the daggerboard made with my initial design with the traveller integrated in the deck. My friend Silas Spence came up with the idea of a hinged jib traveller and I have it all worked out in my head (and in a few sketches) now. The track will be mounted on a contoured traveller, and this will be attached to the deck trough two twin carbon "ears" sticking up trough the deck (just lateral to the mast rotation control) and a 3/8" pin trough these and a short tube under the traveller. This way I will be able to fill the front triangle and with the traveller tilted up I will be able to raise the daggerboard. The whole construction could be removed in a minute, leaving only the "ears" on deck, should that be desired.

Even more of the main hatch coaming laminated, and some more UD reinforcement rebated in the foam.

First bit of daggerboard case to deck laminations:

And the front deck. Unfortunately, the pulpit was not finished in time to control the attachment points, I guess the Harley guys will have to visit and weld in my workshop then (I found a small malalignment in the pulpit drawings compared to my hull and made the mechanics aware of that). The front deck hatch flange is now laminated in and the hatch is sitting there while curing to make sure it will fit:


Dag said...

Tipp topp, tommel opp!

Menno said...

Hi Tor,

If I remember right Ian Farrier gave new measurements for the pulpit in one of his updates.

Tor Rabe said...

He did. But this does not completely fit either (aft "legs" 15mm too long). The strange thing is that on his updated drawing of the bow details set up, the pulpit seems to be just as I will make it in order to fit right with the HD that is placed from the above view in the fabricated parts drawing. No big deal!