Sunday, November 29, 2009

I laminated the anchor well hatch the other day. Sanded it undersize about a mm to allow for the carbon.  Then I laminated using "B" equivalent carbon covering the top and sides and then covered the top using the hybrid.  I made a passage for the anchor rope to be able to close the hatch and leave the dead end in the well when anchored.  I haven't yet found a satisfying piece of hardware to lock the hatch. Any advise is welcome.

I filled all the foam joins and trimmed the corners and transitions between deck an sides on the pop top

Then the pop top was covered with "A" equivalent carbon

And then the finishing hybrid layer, peel ply, release film and bleeder before I pulled it all well together with that good old vacuum pump.  I placed the top in the heat to decrease viscosity of the epoxy for optimal wet out before it kicks in.


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