Monday, March 08, 2010

Making parts for the cockpit

My experiment on the doorway groove turned out to be a success, at least until I get the Lexan and are able to try if it actually works.  Close up of the groove, cockpit to the left and doorway flange to the right:

 The perimeter of the door opening:

And I got mail!  A roll of stitched 45/45 200gsm T700 from Formax destined to be the skin of the foils.  Beautiful fibres;-).  And Silas is working hard to get the rudder mould ready.

The cockpit is a lot of work.  I've spent three evenings now and still don't have anything to show. And I haven't even started thinking of the coamings.... What takes time is the fine trimming of the panels, making drain holes, making more panels after first making cardboard patterns (Ian Farrier's full size patterns provided with the plans are really great, these panels are not standard hence no patterns provided), back filling all open edges, making safety compartment etc. I filled the join area and laminated the inside of the safety compartment hatch recess:

 This picture shows from top left: 6 HP Selva two stroke for the mini tonner we (some friends in Levanger with different kind of sailing interests and experience, from kite sailing to circumnavigation) bought last fall, and the sails for the same boat, The aft cockpit seat fronts with drain holes added and back filled, a panel for the safety compartment with hole for the hatch back filled and finally under building vacuum the two under seat bulkheads for dividing the space in inside and outside storage.


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