Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quite depressing end of spring season

As I was about to enter the final ten days of main hull construction, and leave the hull ready for fairing when returning from summer holidays, one of my right side lumbal roots (4th) were trapped in a mess of inflammation and prolapse, leaving my right leg quite useless.  (This happened at about the same time I learned that Frimann had broken the mooring in a squall and consequently left for a sail without the captain.  This ended in an unsuccessful attempt to sail trough a "punta de tierra"/headland?.) This usually occurs, as a few of my readers might be aware of, along with considerable pain.  Drugged on pain killers and slowly returning to a vertical posture, the boat have been left unattended and thus no progress.  I left it with the main traveller dry fitted on the not yet cut supports.

I have though been able to do some minor modifications to my trailer in order to adapt it for transportation of Panta Rei.  The axles have been moved forward 720mm, a few of the athwartship stringers have been moved, and the central rollers are about to be replaced by the bunk board.  i also did modifications to the hitch mount.  It will have to be widened by at least 21 cm, and not more than 23 cm in order to accomodate the 253 cm wide F 22R, and not exceed the maximum trailering with of 255 cm. The trailer needs to be at least as wide as the goods it is moving, and trailers are not made as wide as 253 cm here.  So most people break the stupid rules when trailering boats I guess.  I might add tool boxes/trailering equipment boxes each side to achieve the with.  And a lot more supports have to be added.

I'm leaving for my vacation this morning.  I have received final confirmation that I will not get a Tohatsu this season.  I have been trying to buy one since early April.  This tells me that if I can't get a new engine, then what with spares???  I'll get a Yamaha, I guess.   Look for an update mid August.


Guy Waites said...

Hi Tor,

I was wondering what made you decide on Divinycell H60? not so much that you chose Divinycell but the weight of foam H60?

I have a structural beam to laminate and looking for information that will lead to the right choice of material.

Whatever it is it will be wrapped in Biaxial carbon and epoxy.

Enjoying your site, thank you,


Guy Waites said...

Thank you Tor,

I'll let you know how I get on.

All the best,