Thursday, September 09, 2010

Starting fall season

So, after six or so weeks with painkillers and lack of sensibility, power and control of my right leg, the conservative approach seems to pay off.  I've managed a few short visits to the workshop the last few days, and things are getting better every second day or so.  Just a few months of daily exercises and I expect to be good as new!

I have been pushing a bit the last months in order to get on the water next summer, but missing two potentially good building months could make this hard to achieve.  I will keep on trying, but no matter what I've tried, I don't get more than 24 hours out of a day, and then I have to sleep a bit as well.  If someone have overcome this limitation, please let me know;-)

What I have been able to do is a bit of planning regarding hardware, buying an engine, ordering sails etc.  I will post more details on these subjects.

Somehow I have managed to loose track of my camera during summer, and with all the purchases coming up, there will not be any replacement shortly.  Will have to use the phone-camera with ditto poor quality.  Some of the things I have been able to do on the boat:

Pop top supports end filled with epoxy

Fibreglass pads added at support attachment to cabin top coaming.

Rudder web external laminations.  Aft mast support brackets bolted and bonded in place.

The structural bits and pieces of the aft beam mounts was finished, and then I started the optional coaming extension

As well as doing some external beam recess laminating

As I'm closing off the cockpit with the coaming extension, some more drain holes had to be made

Finishing the extension, with integrated beverage holders I'm squeezing the beam mount top flange laminates during cure in order to get an even surface for bolting the hardware

Wing net lashing support.  No luck in sourcing a fibreglass tube so plain PVC electrician's tubes.  Temporarily attached with some screws and wire.

For the bow net

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