Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Battery stand. Holding tank.

It was about time to decide on where to put the battery.  So I did yesterday.  The 6,3 kg 30Ah LiFePO4 battery, containing about the same usable energy as a 20+ kg 60 Ah lead-acid battery, will sit under the forward port corner of the cockpit.  I have made a stand ready to glue in place from scrap panels:

First I bogged the parts together and kept them in position with temporary screws and a foam wedge.  Then I taped it all together and covered exposed edges. I will use a webbing around the battery and the cross member behind it to keep it secured in place.  Right side of the stand in the picture will be glued and taped to the aft face of the main bulkhead.

I started the making of the holding tank last year, as the holding tank supplied with the Raske en van der Meyde light weight bayonet catch marine toilet unfortunately proved to be just a tiny tad too big for the 22.  Today I continued the preparations of the holding tank top/toilet stand.

Seen in this picture is the one side laminated and contoured holding tank top as made last year.  I marked the positions for the toilet fastening bolts and the tank inlet, cut the foam and replaced with HD foam.  Hex bolts were countersunk and epoxied in to the HD from the underside before fitting the pieces. I just now, as I was writing this, realised that I forgot to put HD foam in for the venting trough top fitting.  Damned!

Then the top was laminated with 200gsm 0/90 carbon fibre. From the (probably) same in comprehensive reason this picture is also mirrored. In front one can see part of one of the tiller extensions wrapped in Soller Composite's special treated heat shrink tube.


Guy Waites said...

Nice work Tor!

Really like the spar and you'll be pleased to hear that your fluoro paint will be delivered to me tomorrow.

All we need to do now is get it to you!

Bye for now,


nico peursum said...

Hello Tor,

What kind of battery managment do you use for your LiFePo4 battery?


Tor Rabe said...

Guy, the fluoro paint arrived in good condition this week.

Nico! The battery is a complete unit with integrated battery management, developed to be replacing a lead acid battery. It will not be fully charged though wit the regular charge controller as it should have a bit higher charging Voltage (15.4 if I remember coorect).

Luciano Covati said...

I am trying to put a self tacking system on my F24. I was
wondering how you came up with your self tacking design? How did
you determine the horizontal and
vertical radii needed for the
self tacking track?