Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Halyards and utterly off topic

I borrowed some equipment from my electrician friend and was no way near to succeed in treading the halyards. A couple of days later I brought Guttorm and we succeeded after some initial trying and failing.  The now established and proven method of treading halyards on this kind of mast is:
1. Tread a 6+ m long steel hydraulic tube up the mast trough the desired bottom halyard exit
2. After removing the top cap, place a 500W lamp at the mast top to lighten the interior of the mast.
3. Place one halyard treader at the bottom of the mast and one halyard fisher at the desired upper halyard exit.
4.  Tread an electricians "wire treading tool" up the hydraulic tube, carefully inspect the inside of the mast and fish it out the exit.

This proved to be quite fast and easy after the technique was "polished" a bit, and we now hope that the different halyards do not interfere with each other more than absolutely necessary.

It is also going to work out with the fluorescent paint thanks to one of my new friends trough this blog, Mr Guy Waites.  Thank You!

And now to something far off topic.  I'm in the process of reassembling my commuting tool after some "minor" engine modifications,

And of course a bit of a paint job in order to match it better with the boat.