Sunday, January 06, 2013


Making ready for the second bag on the table, containing the settee back rests and the pieces for the ladder.

The sides of the ladder was laminated in the previous bag

The infusion of the new skin around the bow will be next up.  Bell mouthing the holes have started.

Towing attachment

Attachment for the water stay

The steps for the ladder under vacuum.  These will see considerable loading, so are made beefy.  On top (which is bottom in the picture) 300gsm 90/90, 10mm foam, then another 300gsm 90/90 and a piece of uni under the 20mm foam stringer that is covered with 600gsm triaxial, 0/-45/+45.  Should take even the heavy crew members.

The bag with steps and back rests.  The back rests are 6mm H60 foam with 200gsm 90/90 each side.

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Guy Waites said...

Following your flat panel infusion with great interest! I'll be doing some vacuum bagging myself sometime soon. Good luck!