Monday, December 17, 2012


The engine mount plate received a pretty heavy carbon laminate each side and cures under vacuum. The oblique support is laminated with a layer of uni under a piece of carbon sleeve.

I started working on a ladder (leider?) for the cabin.

I had to fit cockpit pushpits in order to comply with ISAF racing regulations.  Guess I never posted any pictures of them.  Goes from aft beam to traveller.  They actually made the cockpit even cosier, as well have they proven their benefit by keeping crew on board during inspiring conditions. Sitting on the lee side on top of aft cabin is the position of choice for the spinnaker trimmer.  Only downside is conflict with the long tiller extensions.  However, these are not allowed for racing either, as long as I do not have lifelines in a 3 meter radius around the steering position.


Guy Waites said...

definitely "ladder" ;-)

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks Guy! The Norwegian language is very rich in maritime terms, and I do often not know the English equivalent. If you use the normal Norwegian word for ladder to describe a ladder on board a boat, you will most certainly be corrected by any sailor.