Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bow infusion

Unfortunately, progress have been much slower than anticipated.  The fact that I currently work out of town and spend about 20 hour a week travelling contributes to the fact that I hardly can find time, nor energy, to work on the boat.  I fear this will be another very late start of the season.

However, there have been some progress, and this evening I was able to infuse the bow of the main hull.  The main reason for infusing is that the foam is attached outside the existing hull with PU glue, and it is very difficult to get full bond this way unless equal pressure is being applied during cure.  As the foam is perforated, infusing will fix any spots of lacking adhesion and make a solid bow.

Carbon and peel ply attached using 3M spray glue.

Then the perforated release film attached with the same spray glue and resin distributing media using tape.

Epoxy feeding tube along keel and half way up the front.  Suction along upper diagonal edge.  Bag attached and infusion started.

During infusion.  Resin front clearly visible, and wetting out trough perforations in the release film following the front.

Film showing resin front progression

Infusion terminated.  Under vacuum waiting for the epoxy to cure

Engine tested on the new bracket.

I've also been able to make some progress on the interior.  Stairs being finished with edge taping.

Top of seat backs have been reinforced with a carbon tubing.

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