Friday, May 10, 2013

Slow progress

Time and energy has been scarce resources.  Short season will be the consequence.

However, the bailers for the water ballast tank will look something like it did on April 11th:

I have got a few details done with the interior as well, will show pictures later.  Working on the finish of the engine mount.  The bow is getting close to finished.


Arno en Fetske said...

Hi Tor,

I like the new looks off your new bow. How about the floats? The weather in Holland is not so good, still cold so I think you missed nothing with sailing so far. I started on the 4e half and bond it this weekend to getter.


Tor Rabe said...


I have to finish the main hull to give room for the floats in the workshop. Hopefully within a week or so.

The float bows will get the same profile, well rounded on top. They will also be slightly elongated, to be the same length as the main hull.

I am afraid this will damage the balance upwind, so I am considering lengthening the float sterns slightly as well, with a tiny tad less rocker.

The trick will be to make the modifications so small that I do not mess with the excellent design it truly is, just that it is too fast for it's length ;-)

Arno en Fetske said...


First try without lengthening the floats sterns