Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the water. Brief update.

While waiting for the epoxy to cure, I started to make the main hull ready.  Beams back on.

Jib furler line in Silas' new fairlead

Daggerboard control line cleat blocked up with a piece of UHMWPE.

Engine bolted to the new engine bracket.

Everything while the epoxy skimming coat was curing

And then the two coats of primer

With great help from good friends we were able to put the boat together again on Thursday night August 22

During Friday night and the small hours of Saturday, the boat was launched and most of the necessary equipment was refitted. I was pushing hard these days as the annual local distance race "Ytterøya rundt" started in the morning of Saturday August 24. Still the largest race in our part of the country, although have been suffering very light conditions over the last few years.  Last year we were the only boat to finish the course. This year 43 boats participated, of which only 3 boats reached the first rounding due to the glassy conditions, most of the time no detectable movement in the air at all, but half a knot of favourable current.  I ended about 100m from the mark when the race was called off.  A beautiful day though, just like summer in fact.

Ytterøya rundt Aug 24 2013


Tor Rabe said...

So, none of my crew showed up for today's racing. Soloing this relatively high powered boat in a racing setting is still a bit of a handful to me. And I'm still very reluctant to use the spinnaker single handed. Got around the track though, and well ahead of the pack.

Guy Waites said...


And now the Atlantic?!

Tor Rabe said...


I take my hat off for your achievements in the larger kind of "ponds", but must admit I seem to be more of a coastal sailor. However, some day, maybe.. That is a dream almost as old as the building my own boat one...