Monday, September 23, 2013


Sunday I was out sailing with my regular crew Vegar and two new potential crew members, eager to learn sailing. We were crossing the fjord a couple of times. We had a GoPro on the float deck, the result can be seen here


CrashGybe 22 said...

Hi Tor,
Great to see some footage.

I use a GPS overlay package to do boat speed called Dashware, it is about $50 USD and can take feeds from almost any source.

Fog - I use rice grains and have the cameras powered up getting warm prior to putting them into the case and that seems to stop it. Have not used the Fog strips that Go Pro sell but aparently they work ok as well..


Arno en Fetske said...

Hi Tor,

How is the construction of your other float.


Jak said...

Hi Tor,

Wondering if you have any pictures of your ballast system with the bailers? Did you have any problems? Learn anything important? I am going to be installing some and need more information.


Tor Rabe said...


I think you will find the pictures in earlier posts, check May last year.

The most important learning is that another 50 kg in the stern makes a pretty big difference.

If any spesific questions, I will be happy to answer them.


Tor Rabe said...


Still preparing the workshop. Pretty frustrating, as time is running out for getting the curved foil cases in, and the mast canting system. I actually bought the cases to get the plans for reinforcing the beams, got the cases but not the plans, so I also have to demounting those for mods. Probably next winter