Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chain plate etc

The chain plates turned out as good as I hoped for after the tape cure:

Then I bedded it in high density putty and pressed it against the pad with a 4" plank. Filled up with putty around and smoothed the surface with some peel ply:

Before the putty was fully cured (which allows for a good bond to the next layer) I removed the plank and the peel ply, making ready for more putty (with balloons as well this time for lower density) and the C fabric:
I choosed to add an extra layer of carbon due to sceptizism on the glass/carbon weight/strength calculations this time to make sure it is strong enough, then vacuum bagging th half cured putty and the wet lay up fabric for a best possible bond:
In between these steps I managed to laminate 10 layers of UD carbon to the bobstay bow eye,assemble the last parts of the trike seatand started to do the final fitting of the first float half to the fourth. The fit was almost perfect, a bit surprised as I expected the first float half would have a less perfect fit but this prooved not to be the case.
Today another 12,5 kg of hand laminating epoxy arrived (SP System Ampreg 20) but the infusion epoxy I ordered will most likely not arrive until primo May along with the long awaited carbon from Korea, more RDM etc. I will have time for final internal lamination, fairing, building the mold for the daggerboard etc while waiting

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