Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's been a busy week

With 90 hours spent at work it has not been much time for boat building. However, last Saturday I was in the workshop and found it flooded with 5 cm of water. Spring was here for a couple of days (fell a lot of snow the next few days), and the water intruded the aproximately 300 square metres room in which my workshop is in the (obviously) lower corner. Evacuateted most of the water with a vacuum cleaner and removed everything from the floor:Then I built a water-defence in concrete on the outside:

Guttorm then flushed the drains outside the building and everything seems to be under control.

On Monday night I went to Trondheim to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where the northern fraction of the Norwegian multihull associaton arranged a meeting where Trygve Rushfeldt told the story about his building of the Norwegian designed TRT 12oo catamaran, sailing it from Levanger to Easter Island where the mast broke, selling it and returning to Levanger to build another one (ref story in Multihull Magazine). The latter is almost finished. After the meeting I was invited to see his 1000 m^2 workshop where the building of a 63' carbon wing-mast was nearing completion. Impressing.

Ordered epoxy, foam, carbon (yes, it seems I eventually will get my carbon!!), RDM, microballoons etc this week. The infusion epoxy will be shipped from England on April 24. so I will not be making any big parts until medio May as it seems. I will be finishing the 2nd joining and the reinforcements and do some fairing in the mean time, I guess..

I also registered "Frimann" (see introduction) and myself for the IMM 2007

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