Monday, March 26, 2007

Started building again after overflow

After the flooding last week-end I have made some improvements in the workshop. I got the vacuum film up on the wall today:
Then I laminated the final layer on the chain plates. I am anxious to see the result, I wrapped the cloth in peel ply and then taped it all tight. I hope this will result in a tight fit.
I also made the first layer of "glass" on the bobstay bow eye:And worked on with the trike seat. I am not sure the epoxy will bond very well to the white plastic, but if I can make it all stick together I will wrap it all in one layer carbon/kevlar and let cure under vacuum, that will do and the bike-season can start.


T.McCaw said...

white plastic??? if it is a poly it will just fall off. You can heat weld poly with a heat gun and some poly rod....or a piece of the plastic that you are repairing.


Tor Rabe said...

Thanks, Tom!
I have no idea wether it's a poly, but it certainly looks and feel like the kind of stuff you would use as a mold... After some rubbing I've managed to get grip enough to hold the shape, I will just use it as an internal form that will never be removed.