Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Preparing float exterior vacuum infusion part II

I have continued with the dry lay up of fabric, here the outside of the port float and my brother in law taking a picture:

Then covering it all up in peel ply. I use small pieces of tape to attach the peel ply to itself along the deck center line.

And here the whole float covered in peel ply and release film, same attachment technique

Next will be two layers of RDM and then start to get the tubing in place. There will be one spiral tube along the keel in order to deliver the epoxy, probably some small vertical pieces connected to this every meter to make sure everything wets out and that resin migration don't stop just under the side to deck radius. The outlet will be a spiral tube on deck in the centerline. I have made a hole in the deck in the middle of the hatch area that will not be a part of the bag to make sure the float inside remains at one athmosphere pressure even if the unlikely event of a small leak in the hull should be the case. Making vacuum inside the float would probably cause disasterous injury to the float...

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Anonymous said...

Your dry layup looks flawless...great job. Thanks for the up date

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