Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hand laminating port float exterior

I started with the deck, first the reinforced areas, then a layer of carbon and at last the hybrid. Wetted out and worked out air between each layer with a rubber squeegee. Finally a layer of peel ply which I stretched firmly around the deck to float side radius. It took approx 3 kg of resin.

Another view. Obviously no pictures during the process. The room and the resin was preheated to something like 22 deg C, and I made sure to keep a stable temperature during the whole process, hoping to decrease the bubble trouble factor.

The next day I laid the float on the side, peeled off the peel ply around the deck to float side radius and then laminated the float bow, then one layer of carbon and one layer of hybrid over all float side.

This took approx 5 kg of resin. I had a hard time getting the fabric really tight around the corners but it ended up quite OK. Nothing like a vacuum treat, of course, and I must say I am sorry for that.

Quite generous overlap at the keel area. I prepare to beach the boat in some otherwise unaccessible fjords/valleys in Lofoten and the boat have to withstand the rough conditions.

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