Friday, October 10, 2008

Almost ready for further lamination

It has been a bit frustrating not being able to spend more time building. I really want to sail an F-boat! However, it is now almost ready for further lamination, most of the HD is in place and only some fairing and probably one round of bogging before I can start attaching the vacuum tape.....

I am planning to make an integrated sheet track for a self tacking jib on the front deck, and the HD for this is the last piece missing now. One piece already in place, being held by a clamp.

I will be "out of office" next week, but I hope to be able to inspect the building projects of Biol and Luigi in Italy.

Also, all carbon beam mounts are now ordered, I guess I better turn up the pace when home in order to have a boat to mount them in soon....

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