Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inner skin finished, bulkheads started

After removing the consumables (seems like a good result again) I started preparing for the front beam bulkhead reinforcements while the seasons first snow were falling outside (the snow is not visible in the picture):

Here one of the layers is being test fitted:

And all of a sudden it is all contained in a bag, just after full vacuum is achieved. Actually, it is not at all so sudden, the resin has started to get quite sticky already:

2,5 hours later it is clearly visible, even with a blurry picture, that excessive resin has been soaked up in the bleeder fabric:

Then I put together these remedies to obtain the alignment points in order to make a correct placement of the aft beam bulkhead. This bulkhead is angled slightly relative to the form frames, and an exactly placement is crucial in order to achieve correct folding system alignment.
A plumb bob, a couple of levellers and half a dozen of clamps are nice tools in this regard.

Here it is, all taped in, in different views:

The lateral parts (below the white lines in this picture) of the bulkhead will later be removed and replaced by carbon fibre beam mounts made by Farrier Marine in NZ:

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