Thursday, December 04, 2008

Small parts

So I've got some more carbon home, and some foam for the next float half, and even some thin foam with which I will experiment on making some non-structural interior parts. I have unfortunately not been much at home myself lately but I have had amongst other things a week of good skiing in the Swiss Alps. I am still not home, but I might be able to build a little bit later this week. Maybe.

Anyway, I did work on a few of the small parts some time ago, haven't found time to publish anything though. I made the rudder mount web of two thinner foam pieces glued together with a 200g carbon in the center in order to provide stiffness to prevent "propelling" when bagging on a later stage. The bow web was made with thin carbon each side when glueing in the HD parts for the same reason. Also work on the rudder gudgeon core seen here.

Here the sheets being glued together on flat table under pressure.

The tube being mounted on the bow web.

Filled up around the tube with HD filler and kept in place with poor mans vacuum bag technique.

The finished "foam blanks" shaped and ready for further laminations:

Making the UD carbon reinforcements on the rudder gudgeons.

The gudgeons being glued to the web using an alignment tube, a spacing tube and a spacing piece of foam in order to achieve correct placement and alignement.

I also "shot" the bow bunk, but again trouble with my table (leaks) and I ordered a new sheet of melamine that supposedly arrived yesterday (dec 22) but as I am not at home I have obviously not been able to pick it up and fix the table. The bunk need repair or redoing. I'll be back as soon as possible.

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