Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have been one week out of town, and I am out of carbon fabric, so the progress have been rather slow lately. I made the flange for the aft bunk though, Pretty tight corners parts of it.

I clamped the bunk mould in place after covering the exposed part with packaging tape and a wet lay up layer of peel ply
Then I squeezed/manipulated bog and tape down in the junction between hull and mould.

Removed mould after curing. Pretty good result in several areas;-)

This is the aft deck being fitted and glued in with bog.

Finished taping in the aft deck / swimstep.

This picture shows work on the bow web and rudder gudgeon cores

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Dag said...


Have you been working too much again? Where is the update? You know this is my favourite blog!