Sunday, January 04, 2009

Front bunk

I've been able to build a bit again the last couple of days. I infused the front bunk before Christmas, but due to a leak in my vacuum table the result was unsatisfying. I ordered a new table top and this was installed on new years day. I was then able to salvage the front bunk and no losses other than another batch of epoxy.

Yesterday I cut out the hatch for the storage compartment under the front bunk (I made the bunk as one big part to be cut in the sagittal plane later) and then I made the flange to keep the hatch in place. Here the front bunk underside in the foreground and preparations of the infusions of the settee fronts in the background:

Infusing the settee fronts:

The flange after the front bunk has been divided. To be trimmed back a bit after hull join:

I made the flange by laying one tape of 600g/m² on the table, glueing the bunk on top and then one layer of 200g/m² overlapping from the top side of the bunk and down on the flange. The foam edge is closed at he same time. I inserted the hatch and weighed it all down to cure. Here a close up of the flange:

Then I made the glueing flange along the centre line. The bunk half upside down on the table, another panel along the cut and one 600g/m² tape on top. Then I weighed it all down tu cure:

The finished front bunk half with glueing flange:

Then it was fitted to the hull. This is a picture from the bow, looking aft in the cabin:

And looking in through the main hatch opening:

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