Monday, January 19, 2009

Finsihing first main hull half

I finally finished the laminations on the first main hull half, just a bit of inspection and final fairing left before demoulding.

The front bunk was glued in place using provisional supports:

Then the taping starts. It is amazingt how time consuming it can be to make the putty fillet, make and place the tapes and wet it out until satisfying results using peel ply as the last layer. The good thing is, when done properly there will be no need for any fairing, just a layer of a sturdy paint.

Detail of the bottom end of the front beam bulkhead taped to the underside of the front bunk

And the storage compartment under front bunk seen from the keel.

I attached the settee fronts to the settee tops using supportive tools, then I taped the inside join and finally rounded the outside corner....

..before fitting it in the hull

More taping details, here seen from the aft bunk, looking up and forward, showing the bulkhead passageway and the undersides of the cockpit floor and the port settee. Extra reinforcing layer wrapping around the settee front also seen. This is a fabric I got hold on on my latest shopping tour to Oslo, it's a 300g plain fabric. Turned out well.

A peek look in through the main cabin doorway....

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Dag said...

Gratulerer!! En milepæl kan vi vel si.