Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flipping main hull half

My brother in law, Ole Johan, and I flipped the main hull half over and supported it on a couple of stringers and secured it with two straps to the ceiling, last night.Being only two people, and the hull being 7m * 2m, although very light, probably around 40 - 50 kg, and surprisingly stiff, it was not possible to get pictures of the process as the tight space made the procedure a real challenge. We succeeded in our struggles, though. Here, OJ inspecting the aft cabin, and probably the aft strap to hull interaction, half way trough:

It was a great feeling being able to study the hull shape in reality. It seems to have turned out really fair.

This is the look "in trough the out door" in my workshop at the moment. The provisional supported hull half on top of the not yet reversed molds. The hull will be suspended from the ceiling, resting in some kind of a cradle. I might lower the strongback a bit before starting on the next half, to provide more working height. This will cause the free underneath working height to decrease though, already being quite tight.

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