Sunday, August 16, 2009

Preparations for deck lamination

I have put in several high density inserts now, and I can't think of any more needed on the deck. Or maybe one for the pop top hatch lock? It looks like this now:

I also did the cut out for the pop top, and started fitting the coaming.

This will make the rest of the internal work much more pleasant.

I am making a flush fitting on the front bunk storage hatch, much to test the technique. First, the necessary cut out was made using a router.

Then I epoxied in wooden dowels for the screws. These were then cut flush and I used a forsenker to match the shape of the fitting.

A layer of carbon to cover the wood and exposed foam

And then a vacuum treatment. Looking forward to see the result.

Edges of the anchor well hatch with HD foam

Supports for the anchor well hatch being glued in. A rope recess is made in the forward edge.

Recesses made for the hinges seen along the left side of the hatch

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