Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mast calculations done

I had help from two engineering capable friends and they made models of the specified carbon stick with spreaders and my larger double tapered profile with central web. I was there too, enjoyed the repetition and far beyond in mechanics.  Then they put some forces on the models to see how they handled.  My new and improved, 40% reduced from the initial lay up, design is a bit stiffer (less bending at the same forces, 188 vs 240 mm at 940 kg of wind pressure, a momentum of 2800kgm, the "cold top"- direct translation from Norwegian - not a part of the equation (righting moment of the F-22 according to Ian Farrier is about 3200 kgm)) sideways than the specified mast. The longitudinal stiffness is far too high trim wise, but it will be a very good support for the reefed main or the masthead spinnaker. I will pick up the mast project again as soon as I get all those parts of a trimaran out of my workshop.

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