Sunday, December 19, 2010

More of the same stuff

Not much news, and not much time to get trough this brief sanding intermission and back on to the mast construction.  But I'm at least moving in the right direction.

The tiller stub laminated to the case:

Port float (left) fully coated with SP hibuild, which ended my supplies of that stuff.  From now I will use the Jotun HB, with which I have no experience yet.
The Starboard hull is soon faired to 240 grit and ready for the last HB layer, which will also act as a protective layer for transportation (remember 20 below outside, snow storms and salty roads, an unfriendly environment for cars, cargo as well as humans:-))

I gave the rudder case with tiller stub a thin layer of fairing compound, and sanded down most of it.  I decided to give the Jotun stuff a try, and covered it all, even though more filling is required, but it was hard to see when everything was black and white.  Easy to apply in a fairly thick film with a roller.

The pop top/main hatch got the same treatment.  Sin cethe last post, I applied a "big fill", finding the ultimate mixing ratio to be somewhere between 25 -30% by weight of micro glass balloons, and sanded off about 95% of that, then a scimming coat using 20% of the balloons.  Today a layer of Jotun Epoxy Yacht HB.

The rudder case and the pop top in front of the suspended starboard float, ready for the last HB coat.

I think everything in my workshop is covered in dust now.  Looking forward to the main hull.....

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