Friday, April 22, 2011

Turned around, I'm constantly covered in dust

Couldn't resist taking a photo of myself in front of the wing.

The heater have burned increasingly erratic lately, so it was time to check what was going on.  I took out the burner head, and that was not pretty:

After cleaning, and it burns better but not perfect.  I should have controlled the integrated pump filter and checked that it delivers 11 bar, but I didn't figure out how to get the pump out.  It works for now.

Yesterday, the top side finally started to look quite good, and the hibuild primer and engine control that I ordered mid march had not yet arrived, so further progress required a flipped hull.  I have had occasional help, but not by a craftsman, so I have to redo most of the finishing work.  It still helps speeding up this work, that I must admit, is not the part I enjoy the most in boat building.

The main hull now entirely covered in fairing compound.  I hope I won't see the boat in this position too often....

The faired tiller and mast raising pole still in progress

I will have a Teleflex engine control (still on backorder) under the cockpit seat, and a Spinlock ATCU unit for engine control with winch handle on the seat front.  I need the Teleflex unit before the exact position can be determined, and then I have to insert a tube trough the aft cabin for the control cables and the fuel line. Hopefully, this will be done by next week.

Then pads for mast foot, winches and pulpit attachment points will be made before the Hempel high build (still on backorder) can be sprayed.  Then, off to the paint shop.

Temperatures are more and more often in excess of 10ºC so just ten more to go and I can finish the mast.

That's it for now, going back to the dust

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