Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mast raising pole. Tiller. Fairing.

This might seem crazy, but in fact it is much easier for me to mock up a piece of carbon tube from cut-offs I have in the workshop than to source a piece of aluminium tube.  So I'll have a carbon mast raising pole.  The socket is in the barn, divided from the mast by a sheet of plastic, where it will hopefully cure enough to bring back to the workshop for final curing and attachment to the pole. A propose weather, someone might recall me whining about wind blowing out my heater, it was actually recorded 68 knots of wind on the farm that day.  That's pretty windy.

Mast raising pole made up over a 2" PVC tube sprayed with silicon grease, wrapped with a piece of plastic and packaging tape used over the peel ply to compact the lay up.  Worked great, this pole is probably better than my bow pole.  Tiller seen behind.  Very light and stiff.

After adding a 1/2" ID G10 tube to the bow web, I cut off the excess on each side and glued them in the "ears" of the bow pole to act as bushings protecting the carbon.  Kept in line with the SS pin while curing.

The mast raising pole and the bow pole curing in front of the heater.

The tiller dry fitted to the daggerboard rudder case.  I also made a pedestalish extension on the tiller to accept the pin for the tiller pilot.

And further fairing.  Unfortunately, I hired two professionals to fair the boat, but one of them didn't show up, and the other one is too busy to work much on the boat.  He does a good job when he is there though. That's the end of the June 6th plan I guess....


Guy Waites said...

Hello Tor,

The trouble with having plans?!

It's a monumental task, these boat building projects and the only people who understand are the ones building boats!

Your progress is great and I look forward to seeing the final product of your hard work.

I finally got the beam in...

Bye for now,


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor , be careful with the relative heights of the two ends of the tillerpilot , we have the 1000 model and I seem to remember the instructions weren't quite as clear as they could have been - or maybe it was just me being dumb ! Keep up the good work . Jim B.

Tor Rabe said...

Guy, I have been following your progress closely. Great work!

Jim, I have tried to get the two connection points level. What should have been clearer, as I can't remember to have read specific notes on this....

Anonymous said...

Tor , I have the 1000 tillerpilot and yours may be different but the top of the flat part of the tiller end on mine is about 20mm higher than the outboard one . My manual wasn't very clear ( to me at least )and I had to change the height of one of the points after a physical check with the actual pilot . The underside of the pilot itself also comes very close to the tiller with the tiller hard over on the starboard side ......always something !