Monday, April 04, 2011

Provisions for tillerpilot. Windows. Tiller. More fairing.

I updated my last post with a couple of pictures.  My camera has been on unknown location for about a month now, I start to suspect it will not show up.  Pictures from my phone.

I ended with the Raymarine ST 2000+  autopilot.  It will be connected by NMEA 0183 to my Nexus NX2 system.  I finally found someone who could give me answers to my enquiries regarding wireless and carbon, and he had rebuilt several TackTick systems to the wired Nexus after adding a carbon square head main sail to glass boats, and he was quite certain that wireless would not work in my boat.

I added a pedestal for the tillerpilot.

I have also added HD inserts for clutches on deck.  And the mast raising wire brackets were finally finished so the position for the attachment plate could be established.  Drilled and backfilled for those in the cabin side. Made the cut outs for the windows.

Also, I finally got the 1/2" rudder pivot pin and was able to start making the tiller.  I made it up from two 4cm wide strips of 15mm Divinycell H100 with a layer of UD carbon in between, to make it stiff enough for further handling.  When heat shaping the strips one by one it is easy to get any shape.  Then glueing them together and keep them in the right shape while curing.

It seems it will even clear the engine, at least almost!  PS fairing the cockpit, swim step, beam recesses etc is a lot of work!

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Anonymous said...

Looking great ! I think I took around 40 hours to fair up just my transom area though it has a built-in engine bracket with all the extra internal corners that that involves , very hard on the fingers . Cheers , Jim B.