Sunday, May 29, 2011

The skim coat process

After the contouring, there will be millions, ok hundreds, of pinholes in the surface.  I have used a method very similar to the method described in Wayne Hick's chapter 25 to fill these and large scratches. I use a fast epoxy with about 5% by weight microballoons added, apply with a squeegee, wait for a while and then remove as much as possible.  This fills quite well and also hardens the micro substantially, as well as it serves as a water barrier.  I sand with 120 grit, which is quite easy as the layer is very thin and only the small bumps from the ends of the squeegee has to be removed.  This has proven to be a much better way, although quite labour intensive, than the roll and tip epoxy coat I applied to the floats.  Several skim coats are recommended, but I have decided rather to sail this summer than to achieve a piano finish.

 Skim coat on aft cabin area

Making pad for the starboard cabin top winch

 For the mast foot

I used Jotun's high build primer for the floats.  This was filled with aluminum and also impossible to sand.  So I was recommended the Hempel stuff, but this proved impossible to source.  So I use a regular epoxy primer (made primarily for use as a water barrier on polyester hulls) and add approximately 20% by volume/2% by weight of microballoons.

Cockpit still with the skim coat only. 

I'm sanding the high build down with 180 grit and finally see how well I succeeded in contouring the patchwork.  At least I found some irregularities on the port bow...

I'm getting closer anyway.  And a wise guy stated somewhere, probably on the f-boat forum, that you never finish fairing a boat, you just decide to stop at some point.  I'm not far from that point now.


Guy Waites said...

She's looking great Tor!

With every success for the future, I'll bid you farewell... for now!


Per said...

As you are as clever in English as you are with VB and sanding, and most of the followers are E-spoken, I will try to keep up. Very sorry of the bad work of our "nye landsmenn" (norw. for foreign workforce) as were so unforeseeable. As I can see there are fewer pcts than usual these days, that must meen that you are stuck in For my oun sake, shore is aproaching. Tell me if you need some salt water spray for an hour or few one day. And also tell me if I can do any help (after you have heared the launch-yell in a few days!!!)
Best wishes for the rest of the struggle. Do not forget to stop in time, and do not forget to book me for crew on some of your trips this summer.