Saturday, July 23, 2011

All those couple of hundred small things...on a horrible day in Norway

Slowly approaching launch, at the same time this afternoon turned out to be the bloodiest in Norway's history since WW2.  At this point it seems like a 32 yo Norwegian conservative Christian, right-wing extremist is responsible.  At least 17 people dead in two attacks.

Boating is more peaceful.  I have laminated the first fibreglass parts for the boat - the folded beam retaining brackets.  The plans specifies no carbon in these parts as it will be too stiff.  I made two moulds, here is the first set being compressed in the mould.

First set out and on the table as the last set is being compressed during cure.

I'm working on a carbon mast rotator arm, the core and the compact fibreglass plates for hole endurance is now ready.

The starboard half daggerboard mould  had a defect in it.  I have tended to this defect in between every other tasks, and it is now epoxy filled to the extent that parts of the mould is now steady, a piece will have to be filled with fairing compound and the moulds will be sanded and epoxy impregnated.  Time consuming this fixing, as I have had to pour epoxy in in different angles using gravity to ensure full stability of the part over the void.

The F22R comes with all the go fast tweaks(well, I don't know, but at least a lot of them) already covered by the designer.  Lowering floats in exchange with slightly increased folded beams is one of them.  I planned to lower the floats about 12mm or 1/2".  So I cut glass for spacers and measured and found that 9600 gsm of dry glass is about 12 mm and laminated a piece of this, using the above anvil(?) to compress the laminate.  In retrospect, it turned out that this anvil was able to compress the laminate more than expected and the plate turned out to be about 10 mm only.  So a sub maximum tweak this is.  Then I had to make spacer washers from the plate using a hole saw at very low speed and plenty of water for cooling.

The spacer washers

F22R performance option and eye bolt for front net wire shown.  The weather conditions also possible to imagine, it being about 12 deg and very wet.  Norwegian summer, hurray!

Splicing the bob stay side lines from 5mm Dynex Dux.  The background is the bright looking shore 75 urethane I sourced for various bumper pads.


Anonymous said...

What a great job you´re doing. Beautiful. Congratulations. I hope to see photos of Panta Rei in the water soon.

It´s a so sad day all over the world...

I´m doing a F-82 in Argentina. Greetings from here.

Tor Rabe said...

Thank you Pablo. How is your build going?